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With Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman, now Governor of East Pakistan 

Replying to an address of welcome by the Karachi Municipal corporation in 1950 

Prince Aga Khan and the Begum with Miss Fatima Jinnah at her residence, *1950* 

Prince Aga Khan and the Begum with Princess Fatima Pehlavi (center), sister of the King of Iran, in Teheran, 1951 

H.R.H. delivering a speech at Institute of International Affairs, Karachi, *1951* 

Prince Aga Khan and the Shahinshah of Iran after the Shah's marriage with Queen Sorayya (extreme right), in Teheran, 1951 

Prince Aga Khan and the tomb of the late Shahinshah of Iran, *1954* 

The Prince in close conversation with the President of the Union of Burma on a visit to that country, 1951 

Reading the news of the day at their residence at Cannes, France, *1950* 

Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah at the League of Nations, 1937 

With Police Chief Mr. Adbullah, at Karachi, *1945* 

Their Royal Highnesses with H.E. and Begum Habib I. Rahimtoola 

Prime Minister Mohammad Ali paying tributes to Prince Aga Khan for His generous donation of valuable property to the MEhdi Convalescent Home on the occasion of the opening ceremony, September 14, 1953 

The Aga Khan and George Criticos outside the Ritz Hotel in London. 

H.H Sultan Mohammed Shah with Charles Chaplin at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival

H.H Sultan Mohammed Shah and Mr. Oliver Lyttelton, the Colonial Secretary, chats with the Aga Khan during a party given to several hundred Ismaili Muslims, in London, July 1953 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah, His Royal Highness The Prince Aga Khan in conversation with her Imperial Majesty Queen Elizabeth. His Imperial Majesty King George VI is seen on the left. 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah with Khan Bahadur, D.D. Cooper, Bombay's Finance Minister, and Miss Cooper having a look at Karachi from S.S. Vasna when the ship touched the port. On the left side His Highness is seen alighting from the ship's ladder. 

H.H. The Aga Khan replying to the adress of Sind Muslims, Khalickdina Hall, Karachi 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah replying to the Adress of the muslim ladies Association 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah at a garden party given by Sir Abdul Halim Ghazanavi in the Council Chamber at Delhi. 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah with His Highness Sir Abdul Halim and Syed Amzad Ali, his Highness's Secretary. 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah with Princess Azam Jah of Hyderabad (Deccan) 

H.H Sultan Mohamed Shah with the Begum and Governor-General Ghulam Mohammad (then Finance Minister) and H.E. Dr. Sita Ram, Indaian High Commissioner
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