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وٹامن اے کيا ھے اس کا فائدہ کيا ھے

Vitamin A – Sources of Vitamin A – Vitamin A In Urdu

Vitamin A is the vitamin that is vital for eyes and stops blindness in Human body.Vitamin A deficiency may lead to the blindness and other problems. This article in Urdu is about Vitamin A benefits and overdose of Vitamin A.
Vitamin A benefits:

Overdose of Vitamin A may dissolve calcium in your body that may lead to weakness of bones and bones get weaker. Liver of Halal meat animals is the great source of Vitamin A. Liver of goat, sheep, camel, hen; carrots are the great source of vitamin A.

How to get Vitamin A:

The daily requirement of Vitamin A is the 1.5mg/day, taking more than this dosage is not advised. The pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat liver as the source of Vitamin A. You should choose carrots as the natural source of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A In Urdu

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