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Will Musharraf behave like a Bhutto or Run Like Nawaz

Will Musharraf behave like The Bhutto who Died on Gallows or Run-Away from the country Like Nawaz Sharif.
Time will Tell but Hope he Stays like a Soldier and Proofs that He is Bold He may be Hanged or Killed But if he Runs like Nawaz Sharif the Name of Bravery will Finish with his name.
The worst reason is Lawyers like qasuri who will Finish Him


Will Musharraf behave like a Bhutto or Run Like Nawaz Reviewed by Tariq Luqman on 6:31 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Even a school kid can understand what is going on in the name of “medical treatment” and what will happen in the name of “treatment abroad”. The Prime Minister has forgiven Musharraf for his misdeeds of 12th October 1999 (putting MNS in jail, highhandedness with his family members and sent them on forced exile) but Musharraf has yet **to seek forgiveness** from the Law.
    However, we need to learn from our mistakes and in order to prevent recurrence of backdoors in future, the “safe exit" of former Dictator from Pakistan should only be subject to the following conditions:
    1. Musharraf should give the Undertaking that he will not indulge in any political activity abroad.
    2. There should be a commitment from the military interveners i.e., “establishment” that it will not intervene in the Government so that the backdoor of Dictatorships is closed forever in Pakistan.
    3. All cases pertaining to Corruption and misappropriation of Taxpayers money should be heard in Civil Courts rather than buried under “Military Court”.
    4. The amount of money looted from Pak Railways, Royal Palms, NLC, AWT should be recovered and “the holy cows” involved in the loot must be punished.
    5. The Army Act should be amended to stop protecting the plundering of Taxpayers money and to improve the image of this prestigious institution being defender of Pakistan.


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