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Musharraf and his so-Called Liberalism.He can go to any Limit to save his own Regime.If we go to the Swat crisis it started in 2006-Was he so un-aware that a Terrorist organisation is spreading his message within Pakistan.
MUllah fazal_ullah The new TTP chief become Strong in his Period.and Flourished his Radio but for 3 Years that he remained in power From 2006-2009 Fazal-Ullah spread his message across pakistan and thoroughout Swat and he allowed.
Mulla Fazal-Ullah Started his Radio service in Swat He took no action.
The same Fazal-Ullah was thrown during Mr Zardari-period in 2009 Why Musharraf allowed Fazal-Ullah to become so Powerful.
The Lal-Masjid event where Musharraf Attacked Lal-Majid.Can he tell the Nation How Terrorist with such weopans entered a mosque with Rocket launchers.Was the Army so un-aware.
The Mullah-Musharraf Alliance in KPK is very strange How he made Alliance with such Parties who implemented there so-called Agenda.
He talked with Americans on one-side and on the other side He Negotiated with Taliban.
He was wholy responsible when Mian Nawaz Sharif send a delegation to Mullah-Omer to hand-over Osama-Bin-Laden to Saudia or ask him to leave Afghanistan.he send his own people to ask Mullah-Omer not to do this .Why he put the nation under Threat.
Why he didnot Hanged the man who attacked his canvoy.
He is responsible for the Notorius Women protection Bill 2006 and he Claims to be the Champion of womens Right.
If you read the whole ordinance it is just what the Taliban wanted.Why he signed and Approved.

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